Weekend jaunt in Las Vegas…

LAS VEGAS IMG_0011 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0082 IMG_0094 IMG_0078A favorite activity for Los Angeline’s is to hit up Vegas for the weekend, I decided to accept an invitation last weekend to sin city and join the thousands who dream that lady luck will smile of them and return home richer than before. I arrived Friday evening and checked into the Excalibur hotel, a Disneyland type castle, a magical piece of Architecture, a setting made for a dream come true. The Lobby and Casino are packed like sardines in a can, which doesn’t surprise me, since the valet parking was fulled and I drove around 20 minutes in self-parking before finding a spot. I get to my room on the 14th floor, it’s an excellent, specious room with flat screen TV, nice furniture and an amazing view of New York New York Hotel on the Vegas strip. I made my way to the casino about 2 a.m work the slots until 5 a.m…hitting a small jackpot here and there just to promptly donate the winnings back to the Hotel. I decide to call it a night and save a few bucks for my Saturday shopping spree! A wonderful alternative to getting rid of some cash in Vegas and not come away empty-handed is to visit the Las Vegas premium outlets malls, where you can get great bargains on some of top quality designers such as DKNY, Polo, Sean John, Coach and many more!…Shopping can work up quite an appetite, but you certainly wont go hungry in Vegas with the endless all you can eat buffets throughout town. I decided to try the Round table buffet at Excalibur and for $17 feasted o grilled fish, fried chicken, steam veggies, pizza, tacos, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, whew…I could go on and on…a trip to the Hotel fitness center would be a good idea to work off the extra calories plus take advantage of the $15 fee charged in the room rate for the use of the gym, which also includes internet use and two complimentary cocktails. The Hotels also gave a Coupon book at check-in, filled with valuable coupons offering discounts on shows, buy one get one free on food and complimentary passes to events and clubs…an especially useful coupon was the free pass for two to club LAX at Excalibur’s sister Hotel the Luxor, saving on the $60 entrance fee for men and $40 for women…the Lounge itself at the Luxor casino has a club like atmosphere with nice comfy sofa’s and chairs, they also accept the complimentary drinks coupon that Excalibur include’s in the room fee. I did find a little better luck at the Luxor hitting a $50 jackpot and keeping $30 for myself before calling a night to get some rest for the Sunday drive back to L.A…what happens in Vegas stay’s in Vegas but when it come’s to great deals and good fun, who wouldn’t want to share that info with your favorite friends!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend jaunt in Las Vegas…

  1. I agree, Las Vegas is a great week-end Journey, not to far from LA. Great pictures !

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