IMG_0032IMG_0025IMG_0024IMG_0041IMG_0005IMG_0003IMG_0009IMG_0014IMG_0019IMG_0020IMG_0038IMG_0039IMG_0044IMG_0054Along the 28 mile Chicago Lakefront are an extensive network of 33 beaches offering recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, parks, and more for Chicagoans and visitors. Last Saturday I got together with great friends, packed the cooler with Bud Lights, Rum & Coconut water, grab some tasty jerk chicken to spend the day at the 31st beach.  A stones throw away from downtown Chicago, the 31st beach offer’s spectacular views of the Chicago skyline, one the the countries most amazing. The beach has undergone an incredible transformation in the last few years and I must say, the Chicago city planners has done another fine job in revitalizing Chicago. A unique public art display, made of 18 mature defoliated tree’s, where the bark was removed then painted vibrant colors is now next to the playground. The harbor sits adjacent to the beach and is a perfect place to relax and chill while scoping out some yachts.ImageImageImager Their is a harbor classroom that addresses theme’s such as water quality, boating tips, birds, insects, recycling green applications, natural history and more. The Chicago beaches are a splendid way to spend a hot summer day in Chi-town!

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3 thoughts on “THE BEACHES of CHICAGO

  1. Gilda Barrera

    lovely, wish I was there

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